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Who We Are

YoYo Web Marketing was born out of a gap in the market for a transparent, quality and most importantly trustworthy SEO service. That was 6 years ago! Before that we were a family run ecommerce business on the other side of SEO. We were the client! We were the ones looking to source an SEO company with integrity and a passion for Web Marketing.

We have been involved in Ecommerce for 20 years. Back in the beginning it was the wild west of Search Engine Optimisation and lots of ‘Black Hat’ tactics were employed as Google was easily manipulated. Struggling to find the SEO solution we desired we went about assembling a team of consultants to create our own SEO agency!

YoYo was born in 2013 after many years of dominating Google search in our own Ecommerce business. That original business was sold and since then we have built a team of 24 experts working out of 5 countries around the world currently servicing 122 businesses. 

These experts have their own specialist areas and can be called upon whenever required. This network enables us to offer an expert range of services at a competitive price.

Our experience from the client side of SEO has given us a unique perspective and insight into what our clients needs and desires are.  Our clients ‘desire’ No1 positions on Google but what all businesses actually ‘need’ is more profit.  It’s our job to combine these ambitions and ultimately drive more traffic to our clients websites so that more sales can take place and more profit is made!  A wise man once told me that “sales are vanity while profit is sanity”.  This has stuck with me and is the main reason why we educate our customers to strive for web visibility and NOT be fixated to No1 positions on Google alone.

Ultimately we want more impressions and more traffic coming to your business.  We want more customers and more sales and this is achieved by making your business, not just your website, more visible to your potential customers.  Locally as well as nationally.

Our Values


We believe that great partnerships are built on trust. We trust that our clients are on their way to achieving great things. They trust us to deliver exceptional results


We wouldn’t do what we do if we weren’t completely passionate about SEO and the digital marketing industry. There really is no better feeling than helping others succeed.


Transparency is at the very heart of everything we do. We know what it’s like to be where you are. We know how important it is to work with an honest partner.


Quick fixes, bandages, and cutting corners are not options for us. We don’t offer short term solutions. We build the foundations you need to generate long term success.

Our Values

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